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How to make win-win bets for tennis

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Tennis has a long history dating back to the eleventh century. Since then, it has won the hearts of a billion fans and entered the top 10 of the world’s betting pool. The game on it is characterized by features fundamentally different from other betting. There are similarities with volleyball and table tennis. Big tennis is a specific and interesting space for betting. Figure out how to bet on tennis correctly.

How to navigate tennis, what you need to know

Tennis is divided into men’s (ATP), women’s (WTA) and mix – variations of a mixed game, two people per team. Individual competitions are the most popular. In men’s and women’s matches are divided into sets, in which you have to take six games or more. In case of a tied game at 5:5 an athlete must win two games in a row, and at 6:6 a tie-break is appointed (except for the decisive sets in Grand Slam tournaments, when the game continues until the victory in two games in a row without limit). Women’s duels are played strictly until one of the tennis players wins in two sets, and for men, depending on the importance of the competition, it may be in three sets.

The main championships for betting on tennis

There are many different tournaments. To understand their classification and importance for tennis rankings is not easy, but the main championships stand out: ATP-tours for men and WTA-tours for women.

The most prestigious Grand Slam championships are held in Australia, USA, UK and France. They are followed by nine obligatory Masters tennis tournaments in the United States, Canada, Monaco, Italy, Spain, France and China. You will find their matches in every bookmaker’s office with a wide spread. Below the level of Challenger tennis tours and ITF competitions, where the tennis players, who are far from the elite, perform. Not all performances make it to the betting lineup. It is easier to score high stakes at such tournaments, because sensations happen here more often.

The most important competitions for national teams are Davis Cup for men and Fed Cup for women.

Advantages and disadvantages of tennis betting

The main advantages of betting on tennis matches include the following:

  • A capper can follow the form of a particular tennis player or several players during the season, determining what physical and psychological conditions he is in, from which the bettor is guided. Often the favorites lose the first round of a tournament, lacking motivation after a grueling victory or a series of major championships.
  • Sensations in tennis are not uncommon, as well as cameches, especially if the first set is credited to the outsider. Unlike team sports, individual mastery decides the outcome of a match.
  • The tennis season only takes a pause for a couple of weeks in December, after which it resumes – rankings are compiled based on 52 weeks (calendar year), so the caper always has the opportunity to bet.

Of the key disadvantages of tennis betting experts highlight:

  • Blurred boundaries of the beginning and end of events. At major tournaments, tennis matches often go on in a row – some players have finished, the following players go on the court, so it is difficult to find the time to follow the game online.
  • The individual factor becomes excessively important. If a tennis player doesn’t play due to his physical or psychological conditions, the calculations of a trampoline player go down the drain.
  • The games are influenced by the weather. Often in the middle of a match the game is stopped because of rain, and sometimes because of darkness, if the previous meetings were extended. You have to wait for the rain to stop or for a new competitive day to arrive. As a result, the balance of power may be very different. It is not superfluous for a gambler to pay attention to the weather forecast before the game.

Therefore, beginners in the world of tennis bets on tennis need to learn the strategies, follow the games, get acquainted with the statistics, to be in the plus in any case.

How to win-win tennis bets.

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You know where the free cheese is. Without studying piles of statistics and applying advanced strategies in tennis, just like in any other sport, you can’t succeed. The obvious difference between the “game for aristocrats” and others is the mental component. A successful tennis bettor should be not only a practicing probability theory expert and a sports analyst, but also a subtle psychologist. Then he will always be able to answer, first of all to himself, the question of how to bet reasonable tennis betting.

Best bookmakers to bet on tennis

Tennis is steadily in the top 10 popular sports in the world. All BKs have a line on a variety of tennis competitions. It is recommended to play only in legal betting companies, for example Parimatch. Betting Parimatch is the best choice for you.

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